My name is Jono Naito. Not my legal name, I guess, but the one that I respond to most frequently. I am a writer and designer in upstate New York, although I grew up in NYC and attended college in the Hudson Valley. While I do what I do now, I have previously worked as an emergency medical technician, a circus performer, a laboratory chemist, a fossil preservationist, and a researcher. I also love games.

My experience with games and puzzles is complete— some of my earlist memories are playing Myst while sitting on my father’s lap. I have a wide-ranging interest in all forms of games, including video games, roleplaying games, physical puzzles, crosswords, riddles, mystery stories, crime TV, rality game shows, and many, many baord games. My current work is in live game experiences, primarily escape rooms, and I work for the excellent company Escape the Estate here in Syracuse, as well as attend the prestigious MFA program in Ficiton at Syracuse University. I maintain a separate website for writing, and use this one to record my thoughts on game design and theory in the live immersion industry.

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